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Website Design has witnessed a number of changes and has evolved over a period of time. The first page that was uploaded on a website was in the form of just black text. The creator of the page was Tim Burners Lee who also happens to be the founder of the World Wide Web. But, now, website design has undergone tremendous changes and includes complex codes and designs. In the era pf 1990's, website design moved towards colorful text and pictures and the web page looked more like brochures.

The latest trend in the world of website designing includes the step by step hard work of fifteen years. Now, website designs have come of age and more emphasis is given to the main content not to the unnecessary things. Layouts are also quite intriguing and eye pleasing. Good web designers know how to draw the attention of the users to the content rather than the design with the help of layouts. The layouts are designed in a way so as to impress the users and keep them engaged to the website. The liquid layouts are not considered to put in use anymore.

Designers are more focused towards creating a layout that are perfect and consist of simple but not boring backgrounds. The websites are designed in a way so as to avoid distraction by selecting particular kinds of layouts.

With the changes in time, the demands of people are also changing. Business type also determines the layout of the website design. If you wish to gain visitors then you must understand the importance of website designing.


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